1st Family Reunion KW Greece & Cyprus.


On Saturday 27/11 the 1st Family  Reunion of KW  Greece &  Cyprus  took place with great success . Respecting the difficult days we are going through, we decided to run  Online through the zoom  platform  . However, the pulse was just as strong and the turnout reached 100%!   

The  ZadesHome  team of course was there, on the one hand the Athens team from the  KW Athens Center offices in the center of Athens and on the other the Larissa team from the  KW One offices .    

The topics as always rich, with  guest  eminent and successful in the field of  real estate worldwide such as Mr.  Bill Soteroff – President of  KW Worldwide  and Mr.   Emre ErolRegional Operational Director of  KW Turkey .          

During the conference, we analyzed the market both in general and more specifically in  real estate . 

We also heard about the unique  KW  culture from  Global Ambassadors for Greece, Ms. Despina Karadimoglou and our  megaagent Mr. Xenofontas Zade.   

We analyzed  KW  technology and the possibilities it provides us and we succeed and stand out.

We met the  KW Commercial team and closed by listening to  success stories of some of the most successful  mega agents of  KW Greece  &  Cyprus  who shared with us how they managed to create their own team and consequently their own business through the business model of  KW .       

At the end of the conference, the participants, in unison, enthusiastically applauded all the speakers.

We hope next time we all say it up close.
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