The spring jobs that you should not forget!


The spring jobs that you should not forget

The most beautiful season of the year “-for many- does not come alone. Apart from the flowers , the sun and the heat that come with it, usually, that is, because this year the rains have eaten us, it also brings the corresponding chores home. Do not be frightened though. It’s not as scary as it sounds. You need organization and good mood. Here you will find tips for both. So good luck and good spring.

Schedule above all

First of all, think that everything you have to do is not done in one day, so make sure you record the work and organize it according to the general schedule of your time. And to make things even easier we will remind you that no one is watching you, nor do you rate how fast you will do everything. In the madness that we all live every day, your first concern is to find ways to make your life easier.

Check the air conditioners

In view of warmer months, now is the right time to check your air conditioners. Changing filters and annual maintenance should be included in the program immediately ..  Finally the quilts:  Collect the quilts, blankets and flannel sheets that you may have for the cold winter nights. Now you will need cooler cotton sets and thin spring blankets.


Take down the curtains

One of the tasks of the season is to clean the curtains. If you are one of the lucky ones – or foresighted – who have bought curtains made of fabric that does not need iron, you wash them in your washing machine, hang them immediately on the curtain rod, they dry there in zero time and you are ready. If not, get ready for a lot of iron… Unless of course you give them out for professional washing and ironing, then things change.



Secure supplies

In the shopping list of the week, in addition to the usual supplies, make sure to include the necessary cleaners, sponges, dusters, bags, cases and anything else you check that you will need for the spring fascia.

General cleanliness

Sure, you clean your house regularly, but this is the time for a more general cleaning. Either alone or with the help of a lady who cleans for a profession, choose a day of the week that you will have nothing else to do and dedicate it to her alone. Lift everything from its place and polish it. From kitchen cabinets and home appliances to bookcases and the walls of the whole house. Remember that the deeper the overall cleanliness, the easier it is to maintain it all year round.

The time of carpets

This is, of course, the right time to pick up the carpets. Here you have three options. Either wash them yourself or take them out or bring a special workshop to your home. In the first case the best solution is to use water and vinegar to clean the carpets, but make sure they dry very well before storage so as not to be damaged by moisture. So the basic condition is to have a place where you can keep them spread out for 1 or two days and of course the sun! In the other two cases your movements are understandable. As for storage, if you have space at home, in the warehouse or in a loft where you can keep them until next winter, it’s fine. Just make sure you have the right storage bags and the appropriate anti-rust bags for their safety. If not, There are special companies that, in addition to cleaning, also take care of your carpets. Let me know.



Pick up the woolen clothes

Open your closets and prepare for the change of season. Take all the clothes out, but this time one by one and as you take them out, separate them into three categories: The ones that make you, wear and will keep for the next Winter, the ones that are in good condition but either do not or you are tired of them and you will donate to someone else and those who have “eaten their bread” and will be thrown away. Whenever you book, make sure they are stored in the best condition and make sure you have the right anti-rust products for both the folds and the hangs.

Take out the spring ones

Once the previous step has been completed, your wardrobes are ready to receive the lightest seasonal wardrobe. Move in the same way, but vice versa. First of all, after you take the clothes from where you had stored them, you have to ventilate them, or even wash what you think they need. Then again one by one you clarify what you will keep and what you will not. Do not fill the closet with useless things that could, in fact, seem so useful to someone else.

Get rid of the unnecessary

By the logic we have described in the wardrobe step, do the same on a larger scale. As you clean and remove things from their place, check well if you really need them. If so, clean them and put them back in place. If not here’s a new product just for you! Or if they are in good condition, give them away. Lighten your house, but also your waist for the next cleanings.



Get out

And with this prompt we do not mean to go out and have fun, but to start living outside your home, whoever he is. Whether you have a small terrace, a larger balcony or a garden, now is the time to put them together to enjoy them for the next five months – at least. Uncover the furniture, get a glaze to freshen up, prepare the pillows and -why not- the umbrellas and awnings. Put the care of your plants in the same category. If you can not do it alone, ask for the help of a friend who knows or a professional gardener.

Get help

Okay, housework is a housewife’s primary responsibility but no one has ever said that the other occupants of a house are forbidden to help. On the contrary. For this reason, it would not be unreasonable to ask – not to say “assignments” – something for the others. I start with everyone’s personal belongings and move on accordingly.

Celebrate it

When everything is over, give yourself a few moments of rest and give him the praise he deserves. Open a bottle of wine and relax in your favorite corner, listening to your favorite music, or doing whatever else pleases you. It would be best to have company, but if it does not suit you, do not be discouraged… Smile in the mirror and say to yourself a thumbs up. You deserve it.


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