What is Open House?


Open House


Meet the new property promotion system implemented by KW, with impressive results. This is an event open to the public, organized by our team, with the aim of better communication of the world with KW partners. During the Open House, the public has the opportunity to see a selected property up close, to be informed with the necessary information and to make a financial offer, in case they are interested in acquiring it. The Open House events are announced daily through the official site of KW as well as through the social media of ZadesHome by KW.


OPEN HOUSE is a way to see a house with or without a pre-arranged appointment (during the time that the Open House event takes place).

It is a sales system with great advantages, because it aims to reduce the time of sale of a property, through the wide publicity and gathering of many interested parties on a specific day. It is one of the most powerful weapons at the disposal of a real estate agent Keller Williams.


1. For the seller

Demonstration of the property to many potential buyers.
Possibility of multiple offers.
Time saving. Within a day all those interested can see the house.
Advertising & promotion of the property to the neighbors is ensured. It should be noted that most homes for sale are purchased by people who already live in the area.
Increased chance that the property will be sold at the price requested by the owner.
Quick collection of comments about the property from buyers.

2. For the buyer

Possibility to visit the property without an appointment, but having a KW One partner at its disposal.
Possibility of a second visit on the same day.

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