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Ξενοφών Ζαδές

About us

Zades Home was started in 2004 by Xenophon Zade as a small startup in the center of the Greek region, in the city of Larissa.

It was a period of prosperity in the Greek territory. Manufacturing and economic boom, new jobs, all that portended an optimistic future for the business sectors.

Its founder started his business career when he was only twenty-five years old, with little experience in the field of Real Estate, in a market where the Broker was not treated as a specialist professional and Real Estate strong> had not even been established as a branch in Greece.

Acquiring the know-how and training of a distinguished Real Estate Consultant, he gradually began to staff his own team, investing in the training and professional development of its members.

Although the country faced one of the strongest economic crises in its history, the company managed to recover and grow. The next step was taken immediately, Zades Home joined the community of Keller Williams, the Number 1 Real Estate Company worldwide, where it managed to emerge as one of its most successful teams.

Soon the branch in Athens was created with a corresponding promotion. Despite the rapid growth of its network, the company maintains the original vision with the same fervor with which it started:

We serve people – not real estate!

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