Deco: The 5 Moves You Must Do To Turn Your Baby Room Into A Baby Room.


When your child turned 2 or 3 years old is definitely something you never understood and yet it happened. Babies grow up very fast and you may have been preparing the baby room for almost a year but now you may have to seriously consider changing it again. How do you know if the baby room needs to be turned into a children’s room?

If your child can now climb out of the crib and get out on his own, then it’s time to dump her and move on. Your baby is no longer a baby but a cute little kid who needs an equally cute baby room.

Bed  The first thing you need to change is the bed. The crib is now very small but also dangerous so that your child does not climb and fall from below. Turn the cot into a bed (if it is one of the convertible cots) or buy a bed that is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old (ie low). If you want to be sure that your baby will be safe while he sleeps then prefer to remove one side of the crib with the railings and add a smaller protector that will prevent your child from falling out of bed while sleeping but will makes it easy to get off easily in the morning when he wakes up.


Remove the railings on one side and replace them with a small guard.

Crib  Most cribs are now drawers that simply have a comfortable and large surface on top to change your baby’s diaper. Now that you can do this job in bed, take the changing table out of the crib and put it in another part of the room, using it now as a chest of drawers and decorating it with your baby’s toys.


A chest of drawers can easily be turned into a changing table.

Empty the space  Your baby may not need much room in his room to play until he is 2 years old, but from 2 on the whole house is occupied by a small bomber or a small buzz that seems to be the real masters of everything. of the House. Toys everywhere, dolls, cars and a beautiful mess that actually does not bother any parent. So make the room suitable for play and fun because until 6 this will be your child’s main occupation.

Decorate accordingly  The older your child grows, the more intense the feeling of autonomy. So make sure you make his room so that he can live in it freely and without restrictions.


Make room for your child where he can move around freely without restrictions.

Choose low furniture so that he can handle them on his own (but also some high so that he does not turn all your clothes upside down).

In general, remember that the right rule to turn a baby room into a nursery is to make it a room that allows your child to move freely but safely. This means that your child will be able to sit in the room without having to be constantly on top but also you are not afraid to leave him alone for a while.


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