Cultural ambassador of Keller Williams in Greece in 2021!


With great pleasure, I received an e-mail a few days ago from Keller Williams headquarters in America.

The title was: “Congratulations on being selected as Keller Wiliams’s Ambassador to Greece for 2021”

But what does an ambassador of a company mean and what is its significance?

The ambassadors of the company are selected based on their role in the company but also mainly with their contribution to society. So, before choosing, I was asked to send material with actions I did to help other people in my company and also what imprint I leave on the society in which I operate.

The company has great appreciation for its culture and its table of values, whoever does not identify with the above, after a while can not follow. Those who belong to the Keller family share the same ideals and values.

What does it mean for the company to be one of its ambassadors?

To participate and represent the culture of the company in his country and abroad.
To operate based on the values ​​of the company and guided by the help of society.
To communicate the company’s message to the outside and
to represent his country at the company’s global events.

The title has no financial reward, but the ethical recognition and the work at the level of ambassadors, place us on a world map of 55 countries, where decisions are made about the culture and representation of the company worldwide.

Yours sincerely

Xenophon Zades

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